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Barrufaldi Athletic Club

The Barrufaldi Athelic Club was founded in 1991 by a group of neighbours worried about the destiny of the children of poor families from the area, trying to provide them, through the practice of sport, with a place where they could learn useful values for their lives in both their personal and shared stages, and improve their basic needs.
Within this group one of them, Luis Ozán, distiguished himself from the beginning by his ability to lead and to conciliate but above all by his goodness and generosity, being asked almost uninterruptedly to be the President of the Club, until his death in 2010. So much was his dedication and his constant worries for his "other children", as his seven children called the children from the club, that since December 2013 the  facilities of the club have his name.

Being the founders of Estudio Garrido relatives and friends of Luis Ozán, they decided from the beginning of its duties to economically support the club and have continued to do so until today.

More than 100 children attend the club, and participate in the Hurlingham Children Football League divided in different categories.

If you also want to donate please call us: 4850-4000.

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