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Salesians of Don Bosco

The Salesian Society is a Roman Catholic religious institution that focuses its work on the youth, more particularly, on poor and endangered young men and children. The aim of this institution is to form honest citizens and good Christians through an education and evangelization project that promotes faith, commitment, solidarity and responsibility in Church and in the world.

This Educational Project guides the work of this institute and provides cohesion and unity to its goals and actions.

Association and Participation
In order for young people to follow the path of education and faith, they need to be raised in an atmosphere of participation, friendly and fraternal relations, and a community-based approach to human and Christian growth.
The group is the normal framework within which Young men satisfy their need for autonomy, participation, and free and spontaneous communication. This is why work undertaken seeks to foster constructive forms of activity and social interaction as an initial step towards commitment with society and with the Church.

Education and Culture
The education of young people is nowadays ???as it was during the times of Don Bosco- one of the greatest challenges that our society faces in order to achieve harmonious growth and grant equal opportunities to all. This is the reason why education is a key component of the work conducted with young people.
The work is mainly targeted at those who need the biggest support in their growth as human beings, since it promotes their education, culture, professional training and personal leisure as tools for fostering their faith in an effort to strengthen their beliefs through education.

Evangelization and Sunday School
Evangelizing the young is one of the first and most fundamental goals of the mission. The project is very open and it is positively oriented to help young men achieve their full maturity through Christ and personal growth within the Church.
For this reason, the work envisions to contribute to human growth by promoting a path of evangelization through Faith.

Towards a Life Project
The education and evangelization project places the person in the center of its work, and helps them fulfill their personal life projects in accordance to God???s call.
Moreover, it seeks to help young people find themselves as persons and as believers within society and the Church. This is why religious vocation is always present in every moment, activity and phase of the educational and pastoral platforms.

For more information about how you can contribute, please call +54-11 4981-0777 or +54-11 4982-3748.

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