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Cottolengo Don Orione

Don Orione conceived his work of the Little Cottolengo like an authentic Project of social inclusion, with the profound conviction that there could not be disposable lives, nor surplus lives. Because of that, the only valid question that could be made to anybody who approached, was about his pain. Nothing else.

Many years have passed and despite many advances made by humanity, the social and economic mechanisms that handicap and exclude are still persisting and increasing. It is not only a problem linked to health, but also of a great social lacking that make handicapped people experience poverty, absence of opportunities, dependency and abandonment.

The Little Cottolengo, as its Founder wished, wants to be a "civilization light", testimonial light in building a more just and inclusive world.

At the same time, it is family spirit, the human and Christian answer for many people in need of an existential space, able to dignify and restore humanity.

For that, religious and laity, professionals, workers and volunteers join forces every day looking to improve the quality of life and the possibilities of those men, women and children, found in the Cottolengo.

If you also want to contribute, please call 0800-333-6746.

Osvaldo Imperiale
Puerto de Buenos Aires (1933)
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